About Us

Who we are….

A partnership established between (on island and off island) Bermudians and food vendors in the United States.


The Team…

First Church of God in Bermuda

First Church of God, #1 First Church Lane North Shore, Pembroke East Bermuda, under the leadership of Bishop Lambe have a long history of service to the community.  A wonderful group of dedicated volunteers from First Church of God work to host Foodbox Bermuda on a monthly basis.  Without this team’s care and commitment, Foodbox Bermuda would not exist.

Thank you First Church of God !

View their website here.

Dwain and Chantel Smith

Dwain and Chantel of Hamilton Bermuda have seen firsthand while working with Bermuda’s elder community that the cost of living frequently strains food budgets. This creates unwanted stress and presents people with difficult decisions. Dwain and Chantel believe that regardless of economic status or class, people should have an option for extending their food budget without sacrificing quality.

Dwain is the Director for Foodbox Bermuda and manages all “on island” communications and logistics for the program.

Paul and Stephanie LaPrise

Paul (born in the US) and Stephanie (born Stephanie Rego in Bermuda), currently reside in California and have a history in humanitarian projects in the United Kingdom, Bermuda, the United States, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti and India. Projects have included construction of homes and churches, community outreach, programs for children and food relief.
Dwain and Paul met in 2011 working on a food relief program in the United States and began to dialogue around creating a vehicle for providing affordable food to Bermudians. Together with the partnership of Bishop Lambe and The First Church of God things began to take shape.

Paul manages all “off island” communications and logistics for the program.

What we are doing…

Putting People Before Profits.   Providing a way to make food budgets go further.



Why we are doing this…

To Help Others Help Themselves.  Foodbox Bermuda is founded in the empowering principle of offering “a hand up” rather than “a hand out”. Everyone should have access to quality affordable food.

Have a question or need help?

You can contact us:

Foodbox Bermuda
First Church of God, #1 First Church Lane
North Shore Pembroke East
(441) 295-6080